The 10,000 houses to be completed will serve as morale boosted to the Malawi security agencies.

The Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development Joseph Mwanamvekha in his budget presentation announced the construction of the housing project to begin in 2019/20 fiscal year. This part of the budget is in alignment with the promise of President Peter Mutharika to build 10,000 houses for security personnel.

The project is will run for five years, of which the Malawi Police Service will take up 4,000 houses, Malawi Defense Force 4,000 houses and the remaining to be shared evenly among Malawi Prison and Immigration Department.

“Government will issue a long term financial instrument to raise resources for the construction of 10 000 houses for all security institutions. The construction of these houses will commence this fiscal year and houses of different sizes will be constructed, said Mwanamvekha.

The housing project is under the preparatory works and designs budget estimated to cost over US $34,000.

On site assessment as well as housing facilities required for the houses has been completed by the Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban development.

What happened to the previous houses for security agencies? Yes the weather condition has been harsh, but a new building will not change the weather condition. What are the plans put in place for maintaining these house?

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