Construction of two of the world’s largest sulfuric acid plant is ongoing in Morocco.

ACS Group will build two of the world’s largest Sulfuric Acid Plant in Morocco; as Rabat Morocco’s OCP group and Spain’s ACS Group sign contract to build the factories in Jorf Lasfar. The factories which will be located 120 kilometers south of Casablanca will also cost about €255 million.

OCP (Office Chériffien de Phosphates) awarded the contract to ACS Group through its engineering subsidiary Intecsa Industrial after series of tender process involving other international engineering companies.

The factories will be complete in 2-3 years as construction is already on going. Meanwhile, these projects will be two of largest sulfuric acid plant in the world.

ACS Group to Build 2 of World’s Largest Sulfuric Acid Plants in Morocco

ACS Group will be in charge of constructing and operating the plants; The contract involves implementing basic engineering, detailed engineering, and equipment and material supply works.

When complete, the plants will process of two 5,000 tons of sulfuric acid per day. The sulfuric acid will be mainly for manufacturing granulated phosphate fertilizers. The phosphate fertilizers from the plants will help optimize agricultural industries in Africa.

The plants will also generate enough electricity to power the area of Jorf Lasfar, near Casablanca. This will almost eliminate the need for external electrical power in the area.

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