The 2019 Annual Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the African Development Bank Group. As a result, the 4 days meeting from 11 to 14 June 2019 is schedule to happen at Sipopo Conference Centre in the beautiful city of Malabo, Republic of Equatorial Guinea.


More than 3000 participants including finance ministers, central bank governors, policy makers, civil society organizations, leaders of international organizations and captains of industry from the Bank Group’s 80 Member States will attend the meeting.

This year’s Annual Meetings focuses on ‘Regional Integration for Africa’s Economic Prosperity‘. In essence, aligning with the Bank’s five priority areas known as the ‘High 5s’;

  1. Light up and power Africa
  2. Feed Africa
  3. Industrialize Africa
  4. Integrate Africa,
  5. Improve the quality of life for the people of Africa.

The Bank strongly believes that building links among the countries of Africa is key to the continent’s economic transformation. As a result, the bank is positioning itself as the primary funder of the continent’s infrastructure development.


Thereby, focusing on regional connectivity by investing in infrastructure — roads, power transmission lines, pipelines and communications networks. More so, the bank is keen on developing and applying consistent policies to open frontiers. 

Africa’s population of one billion people and combined GDP of over USD 3400 billion could create huge opportunities for its producers. Finally, to realize this potential, regional economic communities need to cooperate. This cooperation should lead to better cross-border transfer of goods, services, people, money, energy and knowledge.


According to the Bank’s Visa Openness Index, only 25% of African countries do not require a visa for Africans to travel (a rise from 22% in 2017 and 20% in 2016), while 51% of African countries continue to impose visas on African nationals (down from 54% in 2017 and 55% in 2016)

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Extracted from African Development Bank

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