Africa Union making plans for High-speed rail Network which will connect all Africa countries.

Africa Union (AU) has announce that the planned high-speed rail network is on track. The rail which will be use to connect Africa continent borders by 2063, will help ease movement goods and people across Africa.

According to AU, the only problem facing the project will be corruption as it will derail the goal of the project. The aim is to improve the delivery of good and service among African nations.

AU’s Development Agency, Head of Infrastructure, Adama Deen said “You cannot have integration without connectivity. Whether it is road or rail connectivity, especially when we are talking about the Africa Continental Free Trade Area.”

According to him, you need a single market and connectivity to move goods, persons within the market.

AU experts during a 2-day meeting in Nairobi talk about the possibility of linking all African capitals and commercial centers. It will be link through the high-speed rail network by 2063.

The High-speed rail will link Kenya’s Mombasa port city to Uganda’s capital, Kampala; South Africa’s Durban to Botswana’s Gaborone; and the Ivory Coast’s Abidjan to Burkina Faso’s Ouagadougou.


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