Leonardo skyscraper to have 360 degree viewing deck as part of plans to promote tourism.

Leonardo skyscraper which is africa’s tallest building will soon have a deck turning 360 degrees. This is after developers made a greater plans for the R3 billion mixed-use development and surrounding area.

The 234m skyscraper new plans will aim to attract tourists in south Africa as well as the continent. It will have a viewing deck and the ‘Sky Bar’ atop the building will be opened as part of future phases.

Meanwhile, people can view Joburg from the skyscraper which is one of the key tourist attractions. With a piazza at the back of the building. The piazza plans has not been finalized but a property has been secured at the back of The Leonardo.

Legacy Hotels & Resorts marketing director Robert Hodson said ”The Leonardo Suite will be the most sought-after penthouse suite in Africa. As it will offers 360-degree views of Sandton and Joburg”.

According to Hodson, it will be set over three floors and covering 3 000m². While having a cinema room, 1,100m² of garden area, a rim-flow pool, four bedrooms and a dedicated lift that goes from the ground floor up to the 55th floor in 57 seconds.

The new initiative is surely going to transform the skyscraper as well as increase more tourists in the nation.


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