Former Basasa COO reveal details of NPA bribery during the state capital inquiry in South Africa.

Angelo Agrizzi who was the former Bosasa chief operation officer has reveal details of the state capital deal. According to Agrizzi, during the court session said he could not hold it anymore. He said that he felt as if he was in a cult.

During the trial at the state capital inquiry, Agrizzi said that National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) officers where bribed. According to him, they where ask to quash charges against the company’s employees.

Agrizzi testimony will go a long way in helping the commission tackle the matter in a more serious way. Meanwhile, top officials like government and politicians will be affected. It will also bring criminals and corrupt individuals into the books.

Meanwhile, his testimony has already implicated 38 individuals. Also deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo said that he will take it into consideration while also saying that he is yet to decide whether Agrizzi’s evidence was truthful.

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