The world’s largest insurance company, Germany-based Allianz, is in the midst of a major overhaul of its African operations.

Earlier this year the company launched its new hubs in African at Morocco and Casablanca for more operations, the establishment of this offices across the continent has shown its interest in expanding its operation in African .Traoré Maïdou, who was appointed chief operating officer for the group’s African business on 1 February
stated that they still do the normal traditional motor insurance, house insurance and property insurance but wants to put interest in situation that affects African at large which includes climate and agriculture.

Maidou also stated that its target for the next three years is to make use of mobile insurance that allows access whenever and where ever individuals are to help the growth of its insurance market here in African.

Allianz Maidou said “We are in 16 countries, but we’ve been working independently of each other for the past few years, What we’re looking to do now is to have all of Allianz going in the same direction across Africa”.

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