Infrastructure is vital for any economy to grow. It is also essential that for any developing countries to grow, then Infrastructure must be  at the forefront. We all know that Africa has a huge potential but lack or inadequate infrastructure is affecting it.

This inadequate infrastructure remains a major obstacle towards Africa achieving its full economic growth potential. The continent is on the rise when it comes to economy but meeting this deficit is key.

In this article, we have identify some keys area that is affecting the infrastructure development in Africa.

Basic Factors Affecting Infrastructure in Africa

This areas include;

1.Lack of visionary leaders

2. Corruption

3. Inadequate policies

4. Bad development matrix

5. Poor or no Public-Private Partnership (PPP).

6. Funding

In summary, the factors listed above all affect Africa, it just a matter of when they will stand up and face reality. It is important to start working and stop looking for help. Developing a policies that will solve this deficit is key.

The Government should look at areas and invest time on them. Areas like Politics, Economic, Social, Technology, Legal and Environment are vital towards achieving infrastructural development especially in Africa. They are the root-cause that brings about the various challenges affecting infrastructure development in Africa.

These are the various aspect that every developing countries must look into, but do they have the means to tackle this problem. Plus what will they do to reduce the factors if they can’t solve all??

Let’s hear your take on the comment section??

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