BDEAC plans to finance development projects in DR Congo.

Plans are underway by the Development Bank of the Central African States (BDEAC) to finance projects in Democratic Republic of the Congo. This is the first time that BDEAC is financing any project in the nation.

The bank is prioritizing the agricultural, tourism, industrial, health, training and also the infrastructure sectors. On 31st January, delegates from the sub-regional financial institution presented a report to the Congolese Minister of Planning, Ingrid Ebouka-Babackas.

The sectors chosen are all part of an impact study before financing projects for the nation. The implementation phase of the project is set to kick-off from 2020; It also aims to identify the needs and projects for the country.

BDEAC’s resident representative, Jean Babicka said “We exchanged with all the sectoral ministries that participated in the development of the National Development Plan (NDP), so as to identify their various needs and projects.”

The bank wants to devote their time in identifying the needs of the nation first before moving on to the second stage. This second stage will focus on the development of the strategic intervention document for the country. This document will help collect information that will help banks for years to come in the nation.

BDEAC plans to work with the Ministry of Planning in achieving all this strategies. The development will also help Democratic Republic of the Congo benefit from funding in various fields across the nation.

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