Installation of smartsense monitoring system set to kick-off in Zimbabwe

Becker Mining Systems is set to install a robust atmospheric and environmental monitoring system at a mine in Zimbabwe. This monitoring system will help improve productivity in the mining sector in the nation. It will also be monitoring up to seven different parameters.

Senior general manager, Electronics, Becker Mining South Africa, Andrew Trentelman said “This project in Zimbabwe will encompass the installation of 19 environmental points underground at the mine. He said every device will also monitor up to four gases.”

The gases include Oxygen (O2), Methane (CH4), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).

The Smart sense adheres to stringent local and international quality and safety regulations in the nation. It will also have all the features in one compact device. This will eliminate complex cable connections or troublesome programming or difficult calibration.

Additional analog/digital input ports will provide compatibility with other devices, to accommodate the mine’s expansion requirements. For example, an additional sensor connectivity could be for air-flow.

The smartsense will also have an internal battery that will provide power back-up for use in remote areas for up to eight hours and robust industry power supplies ensure safe operation in harsh conditions.

Becker Mining Systems is renowned as the only worldwide supplier of complete energy, automation, communication and transportation infrastructure for the mining industry. Their products can be used in all mining operations, visit Becker Mining System to learn more.

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