Embassy construction to help Botswana strengthen its position in global affairs particularly the African continent.

Construction of Botswana’s embassy in ethiopia is making great strive after the latest progress. The project which is at 10 percent progress entails a six-story building, with office apartments. It will also have an accommodation for staff members, maintenance workshops, gatehouse and auditorium.

Speaking during a tour, President Masisi of Botswana said ”I am happy that they will now have a place they call theirs and we expect them to perform even better.”Image

He also noted that the  building of the embassy in Ethiopia was a progressive step towards strengthening Botswana’s position in global affairs particularly the African continent.

Project manager, Mr Ben Moilwa said the project is going smoothly and will be completed in August this year. While Minister of International Affairs and Cooperation, Dr Unity Dow said it was important to construct an embassy in Ethiopia. As it is the headquarters of the African Union.

President Masisi is in Ethiopia to attend the 33rd Ordinary Session of Heads of State and Government of African Union.


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