Contractor killed as building collapse in Benoni, South Africa

It was a sad day yesterday as resident end the day with a terrible news of a building collapses. The most painful aspect of this terrible incident was the death of the contractor and three workers has injuries.

The project which was located in Benoni was under construction when the building came crumbing down. According to eye witness, the individuals had help the injured personnels before emergency services got to the location.(Supplied by City of Ekurhuleni Emergency Services

William Ntladi who is Ekurhuleni Emergency Services spokesman said As per information on the scene, the building was a new multi-storey structure. It was on its third-floor level already.

Ntladi also said It is alleged that the four employees were removing the supporting structures prior to the collapse.

However, when the rescue team where attending to the injured men, they discovered a fourth man believed to be in his early fifties. He was immediately removed from the scene by forensic pathologists.

The scene was later taking over by the Police department with investigation set to commence.


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