Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) is a voluntary association of Consulting Engineering firms with a member base across the country totalling in excess of 560 companies. CESA is the custodian of the well-being of the industry supported by member firms who employ approximately 21 000 people.

CESA members are compelled to subscribe to upholding the integrity of the industry by adhering to a professional code of ethics providing quality and cost effective professional consulting engineering services.

The organisation serves as a channel for clients and member firms to address industry concerns while at the same time providing a platform for the sharing of information with the aim of assisting in optimizing the planning and delivery of infrastructure projects both in the public and private sector.

As part of plans to grow the institution, CESA is asking unemployed engineers to register for its practitioner database. This will enable them help engineers with job opportunities.

Meanwhile, Only CESA members will be able to access your information

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