A Chinese state-owned construction company has secure a contract from Namibia government for a road in southern Namibia.

The firm China Henan International Cooperation Group won the N$530-million tender for the construction of the road between Tses and Gochas.

Meanwhile, the decision has irked some Namibian construction companies which were hoping to get part of the tender to keep jobs. With some saying the economy is struggling and we are still shipping out money.

Roads Authority chief executive officer Conrad Lutombi made the announcement while congratulations the winner.

Quoting Lutombi, “Due to the nature, size and complexity of this project, the procurement process was conducted through an open international bidding method in accordance with section 30 of the Public Procurement Act.”

The latest development further shows how poorly local construction company are viewed when it comes to tendering for bigger contracts as the bid for the contract were also mainly Chinese government-owned companies.

However, Lutombi said there is a requirement that a certain percentage of the total contract amount is allocated to SMEs and subcontractors who are wholly owned and managed by Namibian citizens.


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