Julius Berger Nigeria Plc is currently conducting Geotechnical Pile load testing for a Garrison Flyover along the Port Harcourt – Aba Expressway. What does this mean?

For Port Harcourt residents, the rumours of a potential Garrison flyover (or overpass) along the Port Harcourt – Aba expressway, might be gaining momentum.  It has been over 5-days, since Julius Berger Nigeria zoned off the section to conduct geotechnical investigations.

Geotechnical investigation is the process of obtaining information on the physical properties of the ground and foundation for a proposed structure. This involves a surface and subsurface exploration of the site using mechanised tools and equipments.



Pile load testing is conducted horizontally and vertically to confirm the acceptable limits of loading for the proposed design load calculations. This provides a guideline for setting up the limits of acceptance for the structure, while giving an idea of the suitability of the piling system. Therefore, it is essential that this test is carried out at more locations within the site, depending on the number of piles required.


The Garrison Flyover will alleviate traffic congestion, and boost economic activities within the state. Traffic congestion hampers on economic output due to delay in delivering goods and services. Now commuters can expect to criss-cross the area without any impediment. However, it is expected that once construction kicks-off, residents will have to suffer traffic congestion during the construction phase. In essence, “no pain, no gain”   


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