Community Affaire of Firestone Liberia has been alleged to have stop the ongoing construction of a bridge project in Margibi County, Liberia.

Currently the bridge is made of woods which is a serious threat to their kids as they ply that route to school on a daily basis.

So it is very strange and quite sad that Firestone reportedly ask the project to be put on halt atleast till on Tuesday nextweek.

Speaking during an interview with Mr Gueh, the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) Chairperson of the only public school in the community, he noted that Firestone has no right to stop a project that will help the community.

Quoting Gueh, “We fixed the road without Firestone consent and since we been here, Firestone has not fixed the road or has not stopped us from doing what is good for our people.”

According to him, since their lawmaker promised to have fixed the bridge during the campaign period, he has not gone back to undertake the process.

Gueh also said through an organization established in the community of which he is also heading, they requested one of their members in person of George M. Paye, a businessperson to help them with the bridge project.

When George paye was contacted, he said he did not know that there would have been bottlenecks in building the bridge adding “I thought that it would have been like the women project I am undertaking for some marketers in the Duazon Market and Boys Town market.”


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