Cameroon signs US $20 million loan form African Development Bank (AfDB) for the construction of the Cameroon-Nigeria road.

This project is in line with the government’s vision to build a harmonized and efficient road network in the country as well as linking other neighboring countries. This vision is aimed at exposing the country to possible investors and reducing the poverty in the country while promoting domestic and regional trade.

The road will be 357 kilometers long and will run through the Northwestern part of the country  along six of the departmental capitals to Nigeria.

The Cameroon-Nigeria road will reduce traffic congestion and reduce travel times for both passengers and goods. In addition to that it will reduce the cost of transportation previously raised as a result of the damages the road cause on vehicles. The project will create jobs for women and over 30,000 youths.

The Northwestern part of Cameroon has 4,200 kilometers of road with only 350 kilometers of that road in good condition.

The project will also include institutional support for the transport sector and related works such as the development of rural roads and the rehabilitation of socio-economic infrastructure in the countries.

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