Plans underway for the construction of Uganda-Tanzania pipeline.

The much anticipated construction of Uganda-Tanzania pipeline will kick-off in June. The underground pipeline will transport crude oil across both countries as well as create a strong bond between them.

The Uganda-Tanzania pipeline which is 1,445-km long will run from Hoima in Uganda to Tanga in Tanzania. It will cost approximately US$3.5 billion.

Ministers and delegates from Uganda and Tanzania  met last week Friday to finalize discussions that will pave way for the project. According to Tanzania Energy Minister Medard Kalemani, the deal now only needs the president of both nations to endorse the agreed negotiations.

The Tanzanian Minister of Energy, Medard Kalemani also said; “Tanzania has completed the eight core professional works necessary after laying of the foundation stone and before commencement of construction.”

According to the minister; the only issue needing a solution now is where to install the five crude oil storage tanks with a capacity of 2.5 million.

The Tanzanian government in May 2018 did an evaluation and compensation survey resulting in a Sh5 billion compensation for residents affected by the project.

The pipeline will pass through eight regions in the Tanzania that includes 28 districts, 126 villages and 232 wards. It will also benefit the nation by providing 5,000 jobs during construction and 1,500 jobs  after the construction.

The Uganda-Tanzania pipeline will have 18 stations, 16 of which will be in Tanzania. This will therefore bring economic prosperity in Tanzania.

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