New vocation training set to be build in Khorixas which will help develop the youth with various skills.

Construction of a vocation training centre (VTC) in Khorixas is set to kick-off. The centre which is worth N$700 million will also be to help grow more skill youth in the area.

The construction is a welcome development as youth in the area are already involved in the process. Some youth also took part in the Earthworks at the site with more than 100 youth in attendance.

Governor of  Kunene Marius Sheya was also among the youth during the various process. The governor was on a three-day working visit to the area to check on the community and various projects. He also made a statement that Harambee Prosperity Plan (HHP) is working despite what some armchair critics are saying.

Governor of  Kunene Marius Sheya said “Harambee is working and construction of the VTC in Kunene is proof of that. He also said that We are happy that youths have joined us in the working session to do earthworks at the construction site.”

The plan VTC will enable prospective artisans from Kunene to study in Khorixas. It will also prevent them from travelling to Okakarara to study various VTC courses.

The project will also reduce accomodation and transportation cost for resident. It will also decrease unemployment in the region as youths as youth will have a skill.

According to report, the new VTC will admit its first intake in 2022.


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