The covid-19 pandemic has truely changed the world with the construction industry heavy affected.

So far, different measures has been taken to help ease the stress individual faced with this global pandemic.

Amid all the stories about layoffs, insolvencies and other calamities caused by the virus crisis, some positives has been recorded with the help of digital technology.

Since lockdown began in March, almost everyone in business has learned first-hand about the potential of video conferencing tools like Zoom and Teams. But firms that had already invested in specialised technology for organising construction work have learned much deeper lessons.

These digital tools helped with communication and team cohesion in the early stages of lockdown, when nobody was entirely sure whether construction projects could or should continue. Then as sites reopened or readjusted to social distancing and new ways of working, digital technology helped to reduce the need for physical movement of people not just on and off site but within the project itself.


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