As the pandemic keeps spreading with new cases recorded on a daily basis, so many aspect of a country failing system has been put on spotlight.

In Namibia, the country housing sector has taken a rapid decline since the covid-19 pandemic began as resident in some region is having serious challenges especially Walvis Bay residents.

Speaking to the media, Mike Kavekotora said Walvis Bay residents needs urgent attention, suggesting rescue measures should be implemented to save the community and curb the further spread of coronavirus.

He also said “What logic does it make to have several empty standing houses while the people are squatting under inhumane conditions? We got to remember that Namibia is a resource-rich country with a small and manageable population.

He further noted that there is no reason why Namibians are deprived of better living conditions. It is humiliating and very embarrassing to have our citizens surviving on the marketing of their bodies.


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