The Nigerian Institution of Environmental Engineers – Port Harcourt Chapter, advocates for Sustainable Construction at its Annual General Meeting/Annual Conference.

Chairman of the Nigerian Institution of Environmental Engineers (NIEE), Engr. Prof. M.J. AYOTAMUNO FNSE hosts professionals and stakeholders at the State Engineering Secretariat for its annual conference. During his opening speech, Engr. Prof. AYOTAMUNO remarked that the aim of the conference is to “identify possible waste materials with latent cementitious properties that can be used as an alternative to cement in concrete”.

Engr. Dr. John N. Ugbebor delivered the keynote address on SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION: Cement, Concrete and the Niger Delta Environment. While Engr. Dr. A.H Igoni and Engr. Dr. Reuben N. Okparanma delivered papers within the theme of Sustainable construction. 


Concrete is globally the most consumed commodity after water, with an estimated annual production of 10 billion cubic metre. This figure will rise with the growing population and infrastructure demand in Africa and abroad. This has spurred NIEE to engage stakeholders to consider other sustainable ways of meeting the present demands while mitigating the rising environmental hazards.

In developing regions like the Niger Delta, activities like Road and building Construction as well as oil and gas activities are having a hazardous effect on the region. The division recommended that government implements a blueprint to explore alternatives to cement, which should be championed by researcher and the organised private sector. It was also recommended that government implement legislations that act as a catalyst to promote the need for alternatives.

In many European and some African governments, there are proactive efforts towards promoting the use of recycled materials to reduce the demand for primary resources, like natural aggregates. The reuse of construction and demolition waste as aggregates in concrete is one of the most environmentally responsible and economically viable ways of meeting the challenges of sustainability. By doing this, there will be a reduction in the large amount of construction and demolition wastes.

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The event ended with the inauguration of a newly elected EXCOs and induction of new members. In the picture above, Engr. Mrs. Emmanuelle Agburum (2nd Right), Engr. Muneke Okechukwu (4th Right),  and others are taking their oath of office.


About the Nigerian Institution of Environmental Engineers

The Nigerian Institution of Environmental Engineers (NIEE), a division of the Nigerian Society of Engineers is a non-profit membership organisation of environmental engineering professionals in Nigeria. The NIEE Port Harcourt Chapter was established in 2018 with the primary aim of tackling environmental degradation problems especially in the Niger Delta. The division is on a mission to educate its members through information sharing, training, networking, and continuous professional development. Membership is open to students, graduates and professionals.

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