SGR construction face set-back after demonstration by environmentalist in kenya.

The standard gauge railway construction (SGR) phase two construction has had a set-back due to the demonstration. The demonstration is for the SGR to be reroute around the park. The park is a major tourist attraction as it is close to the nairobi capital.

The area is home to the most rare animals species in the country. The species which include the likes of black rhino, lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, buffaloes, giraffes, wildebeests among others.

The project has been challenge by different kenya activist not to continue with the Phase two. An environment tribunal has ask the kenya railway corporation not to continue with Phase 2A of the project. They want to first determine whether or not proper environmental assessment on the route was done.

Kenya and China has agreed to move on with the project after starting Phase 2A construction last month in the hope of delivering the project on time. The authority highlighted that it will bring more cost and will have negative impact on the project.

A report from Kenya Wildlife Service shows that seven possible routes will be possible for phase two of the SGR. According to the report, two of the seven routes will not pass through Nairobi National Park but the government decide against using it. The government feel it will disturb the original plan.

According to the government, the current design is the most cost-effective and technically feasible. The project is aim at helping move goods and services and help ease traffic congestion in the area.


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