Ethiopia on track to get its first ever waste-to-energy plant as construction work is nearing completion.

The construction of the plant will soon kick-off in Ethiopia. The plant which is a waste to energy will burn over 1,400 tons of waste every day which is 80% of the city rubbish. It will also supply Addis with 30% of its household electricity needs and meeting European standards on air emissions.

Ethiopia’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations in Nairobi, Zerubabel Getachew said ”The project will address pollution. He said it will also embrace renewable energy across all sectors of the economy. He also highlighted that Reppie project will serve as a model for other countries in the region, and the world.”

The Reppie project started full construction in September of 2014. The project  has completed over 65% of total project activity and 30% of local activity. The project is just one component of Ethiopia’s broader strategy plans.

Waste-to-energy(WtE) uses trash as a fuel for power generation. The fuel is burned in an environmentally sustainable manner, in a combustion chamber to heat tubes of water in boiler walls. The water is turn into steam and use to drive a turbine generator that produces electricity.

The plant will adopt modern back-end flue gas treatment technology to drastically reduce the release of heavy metals and dioxins produced from the burning.


For more information, go through the following article on GambetaNews.

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