Egypt’s Minister of Health and Population Hala Zayed received, on Sunday, her Djiboutian counterpart Ahmed Abdullah, to discuss the executive steps for establishing an Egyptian hospital in Djibouti, the first hospital specialised in maternity and children in the Horn of Africa country.

During the meeting, Zayed reviewed the proposed operation programme for the hospital.

To be built on an area of ​​more than 8,000 cubic metres, the hospital will include departments of; obstetrics and gynecology, reception and emergency, intensive care, endoscopy, nurseries, children’s operating rooms, and women’s operating rooms.

It also contains outpatient clinics, pregnancy and childbirth follow-up clinics, a radiology department that includes all types of radiology, and a laboratory.

The minister noted that the hospital will be provided with a service area that includes an ambulance, a water treatment plant, a power station, and a station for the safe disposal of medical waste. 

Additionally, a nursing school will be attached to the hospital, specialising in children and women under Egyptian supervision to ensure the sustainability of the services provided in the hospital.

The meeting also dealt with ways of cooperation between the two countries in the field of training, as the minister directed to send an Egyptian medical team to train doctors in the State of Djibouti in the field of preventive medicine, child care programs, basic vaccinations for children, and nutrition.

The hospital will be implemented in September in cooperation with one of the international companies in the field of construction, where the hospital will be located, adding that Egypt will supply the hospital with medical teams and all medical and non-medical equipment and medicines necessary to operate the hospital, as well as exchange Experience and training of doctors in Djibouti.


Source: Daily News Egypt

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