Ethiopia’s Gambella Airport set to install advance air traffic control (ATC) that will help control takeoff and landing.

The airport is expected to install a US$1.3m advanced Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower that directs aircrafts during takeoff and landing. The procurement for communications, navigation, and surveillance systems was done overseas so as to ensure that the tower is fully operational.

Aerodrome Engineering Section Supervisor, Habtamu Ashine; “The project experienced delay for some times due to security issues of the Airlines hindering easy and flexible access to the construction site.”

CEO of the Ethiopian Airport Enterprise (EAE), Tewodros Dawit; ”The airport demanded a safe, smooth and comfortable system to adequately accommodate the need,”

According to him, ”During the past five years, the number of domestic flights has increased by 30% due to the economic growth of the country as well as the investment growth in the region which has finally instigated the installation of new technologies at the terminals.”

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