President Adama Barrow hopeful of progress after the inauguration of road projects.

President of The Gambia, Adama Barrow has express satisfaction with the latest road development. According to him, the roads will help connect the hearts and minds of communities across the country.

He further describes the projects as a clear signpost of the implementation of his Government’s National Development Plan (NDP). That the NDP envisioned a nation where the highest standards of good governance are upheld. It will also ensure that citizens enjoy access to basic services and the enabling environment created for the private sector to thrive.

According to local reports, the President has inaugurated the Sukuta-Jambanjelly road which will benefit the communities of Sukuta in Kombo North and these include the villages of Jabang, Jambur, and Latriya. While 121KM Lamin Koto-Pasamas road will connect the northern part to the southern part of the country.

President Barrow also said the project provides a viable pathway to economic prosperity and social progress. That it will come with other advantages in improving access to the great agricultural potential of the North Eastern Region and to facilitate the effective implementation of the Government’s rural development programs.


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