Domelevo unhappy with Ghana Highways Authority (GHA) handling of three road projects after failing to have different areas covered before commencing construction.

Ghana Highways Authority (GHA) has been slammed by the nation’s Auditor-General for failing to review awarded projects. According to Auditor-General Daniel Yaw Domelevo, the agency preliminary designs were not detailed enough before the project commences.

Domelevo also noted that, the absence of feasibility data resulted in variations, increase in the project duration and budget of three projects. These projects are; the East Legon-Spintex Road Underpass, Eastern Corridor Road Project Lots 5 & 6 and the Oil and Gas Enclave roads.

According to the report, GHA commences work on the Eastern Corridor Road Project with preliminary design which resulted in the reduction of the project length by 41.3km.

While, Oil and Gas Enclave roads commences without detailed feasibility and engineering studies that resulted in delay of the project leading to huge cost overruns.

Domelevo tasked GHA to review data provided by contractors engaged in design and build contracts. That they should also draw a plan and support the Survey and Design Division to prepare feasibility studies and compile data to cover roads earmarked to be developed in their strategic plans.


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