US Embassy prompts Ghana to consider recycling its plastic waste.

The United States Embassy is stipulating that plastic waste recycling in Ghana could generate USD 300 million while creating five million jobs. This was communicated in a tweet following World Earth 2019. Apparently, over 3,000 tonnes of plastic waste is generated in Ghana every day.  However, less than 2% is recycled as a result of the plastic waste flowing into the sea. If unchecked, it is expected that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by weight.

Therefore, the US Embassy is suggesting that Ghana adopt technologies to aid the improvement of plastic waste recycling. Currently, there is a USD 20 million ultra-modern “Accra Waste Recovery Park” and state of the art recycling and compost plant boasting of its capacity to recycle waste into other useful materials or products. These facilities are part of the 2 per cent, hence, there is still need for more private investors to venture into this type of business. 

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