The new modern airport is to meet the needs of the region and encourage it’s fast going economy.

The Ministry of Aviation is requesting 3,000 acres of land for the construction of the new modern airport. The new airport will receive larger planes and serve the oil and gas community in that district.

This idea came up as a result of the discovery of oil in the region, since the present Air Force Base can not serve the efficiently causing air traffic especially from large aircraft. The current Air Force Base built in 1940 was for deploying soldiers to Accra and beyond has gone through a lot of reconstruction but still can not receive these large aircraft.

The Minister of Aviation  Mr Joseph Kofi Adda, the Western Regional Deputy Minister, Madam Gift E Kusi, the Chief Executive of Ahanta West, Ms Henrietta Mary Eyison and other officials visited the land at Prestea in the Ahanta West district to see if it will be suitable for the new modern airport.

The region is not only rich with oil and gas, but also rich in all natural resources. Hence the pressing need for a modern airport to meet the needs of the region. The project will cost US $100 million.

The airport will have a long runway, tower, radar and every necessary accessories for the oil city. Also, schools, shopping malls, hotels and a replica of the Airport city in Accra will be built around the area.

So far about five Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) has been signed with corporate bodies. The project will start as soon as the Ministry of Finance gives the go ahead order for the project.

The Minister of Aviation after the visitation said the airport will improve the economy of the area as well as provide jobs to the residents of that area, starting with graduates form Takoradi Technical University and other technical institute around.

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