The constant failed promises by African leaders is gradually becoming alarming. As African, we have witness so many promise made by leaders but still end up with nothing to put on display as achievement recorded.

This can be witness in Ghana as President Akufo-Addo announced his intention to embark on a massive road construction project in 2020 dubbed “The Year of Roads.”

Fast forward months later and the nation is still having various road network issues across the country.  Meanwhile, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, most Ghanaians have become sceptical about whether the government will be able to fulfill her pledge to devote 2020 to massive road construction and asphalt overlays.

The construction of Esiama-Nkroful-Teleku Bokazo-Anwia-Aiyinasi road is one of such project that needs serious attention but local news reported that the road is still on halt as no asphalt is on the stretch.

The Unanswered question for “The Year of Roads”

There are so many unanswered questions. For instance like;

*What is the total mileage of roads to be constructed across the country? Roads in Ghana form a network of varied quality and capacity.

*What are the budget allocation and the sources of funding?

*Do they have any timelines, and by the end of this year what must the nation expect as citizens?

*What priority areas are and which contractors have been contracted to implement the action plan across the country?

* Does the country have a standard of construction or it is going to be mixed construction, including asphalt, concrete, coal tar, grading, etc.

These questions is key for every individuals both living in the nation and outside to understand the true nature of the so called “The Year of Roads” as until now, it is looking like another failed promise for an administration that raised the hope of its citizen at the start of the year.


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