The unending struggle about Kenya’s poor stadiums construction is hugging the headline again for the wrong reason. This time, it is the Hola stadium as contractors are MIA after spending almost half the project funds

So far, Tana River County Government has been milked by contractors with nothing to show for the Sh39 million Hola Stadium.

The contract was awarded to two contractors but it is barely 40% done and yet Sh29 million has been sunk into the project which is way behind schedule. These contractors were paid more than Sh12 million.

Speaking to the media, Tana River County Sports executive Abbas Kunyo said they are concerned as the project has dragged way beyond the completed date which was set for the 2019/20 financial year.

Quoting Kunyo “We are only left with Sh10 million for the stadium project. The pace at which work has been done is annoying. Nothing seems to be moving in as much as we are paying according to the advice of our engineers on the ground.”

He noted that a report was submitted to him stating that the project is 70% complete but he saw a different story after visiting the stadium site. Meanwhile a third contractor has been brought on board to help complete the project.



Infrastructure should be a gateway towards unearthing the potential of its citizen as well as boost it’s economy, however it is quite sad that in Africa, such priorities are not stressed as leaders used it as a platform to enriched their already filled pockets with the nation treasury.

Now the question on people mind will be should the county carry out an investigation? or just let it slide as we mostly see here in Africa.

More policies should be implemented when it comes to infrastructural development in Africa to avoid such issues happening again in the near future.


Source: The Nation


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