Government needs to increase its supervision on building project. This might come at a cost, but it will save life and economic materials. 

We should not ignore the importance of a technical consulting engineering when carrying out project of such magnitude and importance. The Engineering body has a serious role to play, as it falls on the society when incident like this keep hugging the headline for the wrong reason. The need for consulting engineering firm to handle project of this status is now a necessity.

Consulting engineers are licensed professionals with diverse qualifications, including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, environmental, geotechnical, chemical, industrial, and agricultural disciplines. At consulting engineering firms, teams of knowledgeable experts can fill many distinctive educational, technical, and mechanical roles that can help to solve or prevent any problems.

When architects and builders face technical challenges, or when buildings require improved performance, consulting engineers can assist with the entire framework, such as design analysis, construction details and future structural support. When you hire a consulting engineer, important feedback can be provided, such as material limitations and design weaknesses, offering the kind of insights that will help to optimize the entire project. Consulting engineers bring innovative, quality design that can have a positive impact on construction, operation and maintenance expenses. Whether in preparation of a new design or the rehabilitation of an existing infrastructure, consulting engineers can make the end product much simpler and more cost effective to achieve.


The most important standards by which to judge a consultant’s suitability to carry out a particular project are:

• Professional competence
• Managerial ability
• Availability of resources
• Impartiality
• Fairness of fee structure
• Professional integrity
• Quality assurance system

The client should seek information on all these matters by:

• Obtaining comprehensive pre-qualification information from the consultant in a form appropriate for the assignment.
• Interviewing senior personnel identified for the assignment.
• Visiting consultants and examining systems and methods of work, as well as hardware and software capabilities.
• Where applicable, speaking to previous clients.

Some important things to note.


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