As construction activities begins to resume around Africa and the world, it is important that the construction industry understand the need to social distance when performing their job.

The need to work safely during this novel virus period is vital as it prevent lose of life as well as increase productivity of the said company.

Below are some measures that can be used to help social distancing;

  • Have extra-space for welfare facilities.
  • Have a one-way system for circulation
  • Conduct daily toolbox talk to help communicate latest guidance and working practices. Must be held in open areas;
  • Have a voiceover system to remind people to abide by social distancing on site.
  • Make hand sanitiser available in meeting rooms, desks, and site entrances and exits, with dedicated hand wash zones.
  • Have a board placed in location where people meet like canteens, restrooms showing people to avoid social distancing.


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