Africa’s fixed broadband technologies will drive the 4th Industrial Revolution, hence, all stakeholders need to make great efforts in increasing internet penetration. While also ensuring that the cost of data falls to enable digital businesses to thrive on the continent. 


The internet works by means of Fibre Optic Cables that form a network. see this YouTube video

In essence, there are critical infrastructures that are required to connect both the rural and urban regions in Africa.

Factors influencing the cost of deploying fibre cables

According to Atlantech Online, these factors may include the distance needed to cover a target location. The farther away a city or street is from a primary provider, the more cost that will attract. If it is a mile or more away, the more substantial the rates.

The price of installation can also rise depending on the type of physical obstacles such as rivers, highways or preserved sites like graveyards, historical monuments and nature preserves.

Other factors include availability of telco closets at targeted buildings, layers of bureaucracy, sufficient electricity, among others.


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