Intro Energy to launch electricity projects using net metering system in Egypt.

Intro Energy is set to launch projects that will help produce electricity from renewable resources in Egypt. The project will be to implement a solar energy plant with a capacity of 20MW in Sharm El-Sheikh. This will also be with a net metering system.

According to Managing Director of Intro Energy, Mohamed Mamdouh Abbas, the net metering system will include installing a digital meter able to calculate the net usage. The aim is to help calculate both the current coming from electricity grid and the generated current from the plant.

Abbas said the company is close to finishing the implementation of a solar energy plant. This will be in cooperation with Al Tawakol Electrical Company (Gila).

Into Energy will also seek to expand its local and regional portfolio to participate in implementing projects. They will also seek to invest in the field of recycling for energy production as well as sea water desalination projects.

Egypt has taken a major step towards reforming the legislative infrastructure of the electricity sector. This will help encourage investments in electrical energy projects as well as benefit from the major capabilities of renewable energy.



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