KAMPALA – Seventy people have run to the High Court, claiming that Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) illegally evicted them from their land.

The group, led by Stephen Lubanza, filed the suit in the civil division of the High Court in Kampala recently.

They seek a declaration that KCCA’s decisions contained in the notices dated December 3, 2020 and other related communications issued by its building or planner, requiring them to remove all buildings and halt ongoing construction works on their pieces of land, are disproportionate and illegal.

The group says in 2015, KCCA embarked on the second Kampala Institutional and Infrastructure Development Project which, among others, include expansion and construction of Lubigi primary drainage channel that forms part of the eight primary channels in Kampala and is 2.5km long.

They say in July 2019, without consulting, hearing from and compensating the applicants and other similarly situated persons, KCCA, through its workers, agents or servants, attempted to evict them from their respective pieces of land.

“The applicants and other similarly affected persons sought help from applicant Christine Meeme and other community leaders.

The local leadership on several occasions tried to engage the respondent’s officials in vain,” court documents read.

Abuse of power  

The applicants say on December, 2020, KCCA, under the guise of implementing the impugned notices, blatantly abused its power by pulling down the alleged illegal structures and also destroyed gardens and plantations before the expiry of the 28-day notice.

The group is seeking a permanent injunction barring KCCA or its servants from implementing its decisions, requiring them to allegedly remove all structures and halt ongoing construction works.

The applicants also want court to compel KCCA to award each of them damages for the loss, inconvenience, stress, psychological and human rights violations suffered.



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