Liberia’s Karloken-Fish Town road construction is nearing completion after management of China Henan International Cooperation Group (CHICO) says the project will be completed in May 2021.

The project which is currently 80% complete began in 2012 with Africa development bank (AFDB) funding the road.

Currently speaking, the 80.5km road will have an average carriageway plus shoulder width of 11.3m. While the road carriageway will remain as a 2-lane facility (each lane will be 3.65 m wide).

CHICO Human Resource Manager, Mr. Jacob O. David, stated that completion of the road eases the transportation of goods and supplies to that part of the country.

Quoting David, “Up to date, the project, which covers Karloken to Fish Town, is around 85% completion rating and we are committed to reaching full completion by May 2021,”

Currently, culvert Construction is at 100 percent, cox culvert Construction is at 100 percent, the construction of bridges is at 90 percent and the asphalt pavement is 53.1 KM out of 80.5 KM.”


Source: Observers


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