Construction of wind power project kicks off in Meru.

The wind power project is calculated to generate 80 Megawatts (MW), which will be enough to supply electricity to 200, 000 households as well as strengthen the local economy. According to Windlab ( a global renewable energy provider), the project will initiate opportunities to boost income as well as provide jobs for residents in Meru.

The project is currently occupying about 2, 000 acres but plans to spot a new location to reduce the final size to no more than 140 acres is presently ongoing.


“This is a utility-scale hybrid project, the first of its kind in Africa and will consist of wind, solar and battery storage,” said the project developer, Mr Kaume.

He went on saying that Athwana was chosen to host the project because the area has good wind resources, which are compatible with the solar resources.

 Katherine Persson, Windlab’s Managing Director, East Africa, said;

“The project is expected to bring around USD 150 million to Kenya and is privately financed with Meru County as the stakeholder, through the Meru County Investment and Development Corporation”.

The electricity to be generated will be transmitted to Kenya Power who in turn will distribute it to the final consumers.

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