Kenya is seeking for US $42 million to finance what is to be the world’s most expensive footbridge.

The footbridge will be constructed on Nairobi-Mombasa highway is four times more expensive than the recent one on Thika highway, each steel bridge will cost US $8 million.

The full details for the negotiation of the loan has been submitted to the National  Assemble’s Committee of Delegation Legislation. ICO is one the leader and is contributing US $26.6 million on concessional terms while the remaining US $16 million is coming from Spanish Bank BBVA on commercial terms. Negotiations with these lenders are currently ongoing.

Unfortunately, President Uhuru Kenyatta commissioned an expressway along the same stretch making it difficult to get an attainable design for the footbridge. The design for the expressway does not give any clearance for the footbridge as it will be raised some meters high and supported by 10 meter pillars.

The state are still holding their ground about constructing the footbridge withstanding all these reasons. The Director General of Kenya National Highway Authority (KenNHA) Eng Peter Mundinia advised that the footbridge should be done elsewhere.

“The footbridges will have to be moved elsewhere, such as to Thika Road where we feel we need more,” he said.

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