Africa development bank (AFDB) approve two loans for the completion of Thwake dam in Kenya.

Africa development bank (AFDB) is making wave this period with its latest offer to Kenya. After releasing its AIIF3 just a couple of days ago, the firm has also approve two loans to Kenya. This loan which is worth US$235m is for the completion of the Thwake dam on Thwake River in Kenya.

The completion of the Dam is important because it will help form part of a strategic water supply system for the area. This water supply system will help provide water for areas that are having little or no rain. Such areas are the makueni county and surrounding regions.

AFDB plans to release US$192m with the remaining money coming from the Africa Growing Together Fund. Meanwhile, this is aim at providing drinking water for residents living in the region.

The Dam which is 80.5m high will enable storage of 681 million m³ of water. Meanwhile 625 million m³ will be use for electricity production and downstream irrigation of agricultural land. Also 22 million m³ will be for upstream irrigation while 30 million m³ will be for human use.

The initial phase of the project will be complete in December 2022. This will now be followed by three further stage that will include the construction of a hydraulic plant. This plant will help treat up to 34,600 m³ of water for household having 674,700 rural inhabitant. It will also treat 117,200 m³ of water for 640,000 residents living in the technology city of Konza.

Furthermore, the second phase will include hydroelectric energy production while the third phase will have 40,000ha of irrigation.

The Loan comes as a great news to residents as water has been their major problem. Meanwhile the loan further show Africa Development Bank (AFDB) commitment towards growing Africa.

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