The city of Kigali is in the process of establishing a fecal sludge treatment plant in Masaka sector of Kicukiro District after signing a partnership with Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC).

The new treatment plant will be expected to receive the 200 cubic metres of fecal matter per day. Currently, the waste is being taken to Nduba landfill where it is received and deposit in stabilizing pods but not treatment done apart from natural treatment.

According to Kigali City Officials, the project will be in two phases. The first phase is the immediate action which will be financed by the Government of Rwanda and WASAC Ltd has started the process of recruiting the firm to establish the treatment plant.

While, the second phase is expected to receive 1000 cubic metres of fecal sludge on a daily basis.

According to Official announcement, “These treatment plants will solve the issue of untreated waste which pollutes the environment and affects the health of the people.”

It will also facilitate increase in the emptying system and discourage the excavation of many pit latrines in one plot of land as it has always been.

The treatment plant is been considered as it is projected that in 2050, Kigali residents will increase to 3.8million compare to the current 1.6million residents whereby triggering the increase of waste.

Meanwhile, Nduba landfill continue to be a threat as both City of Kigali and WASAC  have not found an investor to generate revenue for it. 


Source: New Times


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