Land disputes leads to three structures demolish which is affecting residents in Kilifi, Kenya

Over the weekend, a mosque was demolished by the Kenyan Police over a dispute between two families. This dispute has so far made both parties to now have problem with the law over the property.

During the weekend, Police officers had to demolish the structure as it was bringing unrest in the area. The officers brought excavator to the site and pull down the three storey structure. Meanwhile the structure was sitting on a half-acre piece of land which contain a mosque, an orphanage and a residential building.

According to reports, the dispute is between the Juma Ali and David Mwamutsi families. Meanwhile, the demolition has affected residents in the area especially the muslims. Some of the Muslims has been living and worshipping in the mosque for close to forty years.

An eye witness, Emmanuel Chengo who is a  human right activist was very sad when describing the demolition exercise. According to him, ”This is an issue which could have been settled by the both families without necessary pulling down the place of worship. He also said they were staring at the bulldozer and could not do anything.”

Land and property dispute is very common here in Africa. It is high time the government take serious action towards solving or at least reducing this challenges.

In most Africa countries, some people will even go as far as taking the life of another person just because they want to claim the property.

Mohammed Kazungu who is an Ustadh at the mosque said the two families should have spared the mosque. Meanwhile, the matter is still at the supreme court, this is after the Mwamutsi’s obtained a request to demolish the structures.


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