It always sad when a structure is build but have no proper maintenance plans. This can be witness with the Kipchoge Keino Stadium that has gone from one of Kenya pride and joy to an eyesore. The stadium which began renovation in 2017 was put to halt with no proper explanation as to why.

The grass is overgrown in the stadium and it’s overrun by weeds. The toilets are in pathetic condition and so is the drainage system. Work at the eastern wing and at the VIP pavilion stalled at the foundation level. That was supposed to be the image that welcomes one to the stadium. These has affect the sporting community in the country.

Meanwhile 2016 400 metres hurdles bronze medallist Haron Koech has asked the government to finish work at the stadium. He said it is an important training facility for sprinters. That it’s dangerous especially now that it’s raining.

The stadium was due to host the Olympic Games trials according to 2020 Athletics Kenya calendar which will have been used to select a team that would have represented Kenya at the Summer Games. However, the Games were pushed to next year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The dejected and forgotten Kipchoge Keino Stadium has left athletes to train at the overcrowded University of Eldoret murram track and Moi University-Annex Campus before the government banned gatherings.


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