Jobs and properties lost as a result of anti-xenophobic attacks in Lagos

Nigerians organised an anti-xenophobia protests across the nation, during which businesses which are South African oriented were attacked.

The Lagos state governor Mr Babadije Sanwo-Olu after visiting one of the attacked areas condemned these attacks, especially the looting of goods in malls.

“We have seen the level of destruction at both Novare and Surulere Plazas. The first is to strongly condemn the act that led to these destructions. These are just enormous destruction of properties; This is an extensive destruction of people’s wealth, the governor said.

Mr. Babadije also stated that:

“Unfortunately, during my inspection of both plazas, I discovered that those affected were all indigenous stores and companies. Even with the names that are synonymous with South Africa, I could see that there were over 150 staffs that could not get to perform their duties because of the act. But really, the lesson learnt from all these is that we need to go back and check the social implications of what has happened and how we can learn from it.

Security personnels were asked to secure these areas receiving these attacks to prevent forward attacks and loss of property.

“We are charging our security operatives to stop at nothing, to ensure that they keep all of these facilities safe and secure,” he added.

While condemning the xenophobic attacks in South Africa the governor also reminded the protesters that the recent attacks in Nigeria is affecting more of Nigerians than South Africans.

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