Installation of equipment for the Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP) has been completed.

The highway tunnel was shut down for inspection and maintenance purposes from October to November 2019 during which water usually transferred to Vaal River System is cut off.

The project which happens to be a joint venture between South Africa and Lesotho will not only supply water to Gauteng but also generate work in the thousands for the people living around the areas.

The first phase was initiated thirty years ago, with water and electricity supply to South Africa and Lesotho respectively from the Katse and Mohale dams. The second phase will see an increase in the water supplied to South Africa from 780m – 1.37Bn cubic metres per year.

Moreover, Lesotho will get a hydropower project which will serve the purpose of making it self- sustainable in electricity. Trans Caledon Tunnel Authority manages the project for SA. The Lesotho Highlands Development Authority manages it for Lesotho.

Funding for the project, was sourced from new JSE-listed bonds as well as the tariff levied on users of the water and a levy on the mining industry to fix acid mine drainage. The Projected date of completion has been set to 2024.

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