Madagascar – Unique Island

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, and it is located 400km off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean.

Madagascar’s s split from the Indian peninsula allowed native plants and animal to evolve in relative isolation. Thereby, making Madagascar a biodiversity hotspot. In other words, majority of the wild life you find on the island, you cant see anywhere else in the world.

The ring-tail lemur is a typical example of an animal found only on the island.

Madagascar is a major tourist attraction for holiday makers looking to experience Africa! The Malagasy people have two official languages, French and Malagasy. Malagasy reflects a blend of Southeastern Asia and Eastern Africa. The island experienced a surge of immigrant from Asia, before the French colonisation. However, on the 26th Day of June 1960 the country gained independence from France.

Today, the country thrives on tourism. The government makes it easy for holiday makers, by enabling most countries to obtain a visa on arrival. The country has reserves of nickel, cobalt, gold, uranium and other minerals.

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