Road pavement kick-off in Liberia’s Military hospital.

The construction of the military hospital road has kick-off in Liberia. According to reports, the road will be using a significant amount of polymeric chemical products in its makeup.

The project will be use to enhance the pavement of the 1-kilometer road in Schiefflin Town as the new technology will be use to test the road.Image result for MILITARY HOSPITAL ROAD PAVEMENT BEGINS IN LIBERIA

Cllr. Sylvia Tarley who is one of the persons behind Polyroads -Liberia said Liberians needs to support the government in achieving its policies, particularly roads connectivity. That the government alone cannot do it all.

In his intervention, Director of highway maintenance at the Ministry of Public Works (MPW), Wilfred Success Hoto said he is happy with the level of work done so far. That if the test is successful, we would advise the government to embrace this new road designs and construction technologies. Image result for MILITARY HOSPITAL ROAD PAVEMENT BEGINS IN LIBERIA

According to Hoto, it will speed up construction time and reduce costs as well as fast-forward infrastructure development. The project is of great benefits but awaits testing result before anything is proposed to the government.


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