Morocco commences the construction of a new tech city in Northern Tangier in partnership with China Communications Construction Co (CCCC).

Following the memorandum of understanding between China Communications Construction Co (CCCC) and BMCE Bank (Moroccan Bank for Foreign Trade), the construction of the new tech city in Northern Tangier is currently ongoing.

Tanger Tech Mohammed VI as it is to be called was only successful after BMCE and the northern regional council had pulled out of the agreement with China’s Haite group. A major issue that lead to this was the ownership of the city.

“Our partners are Chinese but this does not mean that the city belongs to Chinese,” said Ilyas El Omari, head of the northern Tangier-Tetouan-Alhoceima region.

Out of the 2000 hectares, the new tech city will occupy 700 hectares in three phases of construction. Construction of roads, water, electricity and rails connecting to the city are ongoing. Companies dealing on automotive, aeronautical, renewable energy, chemical, textiles and food industries will get good tax incentive.

The Tanger Med Port which is currently undergoing expansion will favor the new tech city. Therefore this expansion will mean it’s the largest in the Mediterranean sea with it’s ability to hold 9 million containers. Hence the new tech city will lure invests worth US $10bn and over 100,000 jobs.

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