President Nyusi calls for speed in disbursing Reconstruction funds.

Mozambique President Filipe Nyusi has ask funding agencies to disburse promised fund for reconstruction work. Speaking during the international post-cyclone pledging conference held in Beira, President Filipe stressed the urgency of putting the promised financing to work.

According to the President Nyusi, ”It is crucial to simplify the methods of disbursing the funds. Because the value could be larger, but when the modalities of delivering it are difficult, the intended objectives could be compromised.”

He also said  “We promise to work with the development partners so that together we can identify more ways of financing reconstruction programmes.”

The two cyclones had set back the country’s social and economic development in many sectors. This has made the financial state of the nation to increase after slowly trying to emerge from the financial crisis.

In his speech, President Nyusi said “With each light switched on, with every house that is rebuilt, with every child that returns to school. The hope of the people is reborn, and the certainty that Mozambique will pick itself up from the cyclones”.

An expert assessment from major firms and agencies put the total requirements at 3.2 billion dollars. Such firms and agencies include, the World Bank, the African Development Bank (ADB), the United Nations and the European Union.



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